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Haier Refrigerated freezer 200 liters DQ000158

$440.63$734.38 40%OFF

Haier dual temperature large capacity refrigerator freezer 215 liters DQ000154

$272.97$454.95 40%OFF

Haier large-capacity freezer 202 liters DQ000152

$241.41$402.34 40%OFF

Haier large-capacity freezing and refrigerating small freezer 102 liters DQ000153

$230.94$384.90 40%OFF

Haier Refrigerated freezer 100 liters DQ000156

$272.66$454.43 40%OFF

Haier Refrigerator freezer 142 liters DQ000157

$356.72$594.53 40%OFF

Haier/海尔 large-capacity refrigerating and freezing large freezer 518 liters DQ000155

$629.53$1049.22 40%OFF